Intended for History lovers, students and collectors, This website presents a selection of pictures taken during the First World War. The most part, shows French battlefields like the Somme, Verdun, the Champagne, the "Chemin des Dames". All these places are restored here with thrill, and writings are useless.

This set was retained since the end of the WW1 by JEAN MARIE JOURDAIN, an ex-service-man of the 93rd Regiment of Infantry. An extract of his biography and the story of this regiment is available through the link "" in the main menu.

These pictures were printed in sepia tones on stereoscopic glass support. In vogue towards the start of the twentieth century, this process gave a three-dimensional sensation with a special viewer. Because of the bad conditions of preservation, each item was corrected to recover the original quality before the publication of these pages. From the stereoscopic couple, the less damaged picture was scanned and later retouched with an imaging computer process.

The original annotation is written below each zoom picture. The initial number (IN), if legible, is specified in red italic letters. If several serial numbers are known, they are separated with a "/".

To the WW1 pictures collectors,

After the restauration, the whole set of 113 pictures was engraved on a CDROM in "Tag Image File"format (.TIF extension). This source format is compliant with a large choice of versatile imaging softwares (PhotoShop, PaintShopPro, AdobePhotoDeluxe, CorelPhotoPaint etc..). The size of each file, between two and five Mbytes, gives results very close to the original glass item, and more, hight grade printings.

To get a copy of these works, or any further information about the CD contents, please contact the webmaster at : pj.kah@wanadoo.fr


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